For Tip TV Limited, based at St. Paul’s in the City of London, Easy TV powers a live daily chat show covering finance and sports – intended as a refreshing, infotainment alternative to more conventional formats from CNBC and Bloomberg, and with plenty of live audience participation via Skype.

Tip TV live daily chat show, covering finance and sports

The Studiobot solution that we provided to Tip TV delivers their daily show in HD, broadcast quality to a live UK and international audience of thousands.

Studiobot Mk.II


A typical show makes use of all three on-board cameras and four flat-panel LED studio lights, for both close-up and wide shots of the presenters and their guests. Conventional broadcast features like titles (to identify the speakers), graphics (like Power Point or real time charts) & scrolling tickers (to call out pertinent information) are regularly deployed. Outside broadcast guests are brought in-program with Skype, for head-to-head conversation with the show host. Stings, transitions and green screen (virtual set) features are also regularly used, and the on-board autocue means that longer narrative delivery, whilst maintaining audience eye-contact, is easy.

Studiobots can be installed anywhere, and controlled from our Production Farm in London. This radically reduces the cost of producing and delivering high quality events to a global audience – typical hourly cost for a frequent user would be £250 + VAT, which makes new web-based content like Tip TV possible.

Imagine what Easy TV could do for your client, corporate communications, or marketing outreach.