• Studiobot

    Remote Control Broadcast Solutions

  • Companies Want

    • A Convenient,

      on-site broadcast facility, fully featured to deliver multiple camera angles, graphics, stings, transitions, titling, green screen & audience participation

    • A Cost-Effective

      way to create broadcast-quality, live HD TV

    • An Improvement

      on production from webcam/mobile devices, without investing in a full studio solution that will frequently lie idle

    • Powerful Communication

      & engagement with customers, colleagues, and the world at large

  • Audiences Want

    • Engaging content

      that communicates the person, as well as the message

    • Visual content

      that promotes rapid assimilation of the webinar or program content

    • Meaningful participation

      in the program, via Skype and other platforms

    • Access from any device

      PC, iOS, Android – from anywhere – wired, Wi-Fi, 3G

  • Easy TV Delivers

    We install and operate the world’s most advanced and efficient remotely-controlled broadcast studio platform, directly in your headquarters, so that reaching world-wide audiences, frequently and even spontaneously, is only ever a few steps away.

    Our Clients get one of these:

    From our Production Farm in London,
    Easy TV does all of this:

    And our Clients’ global audience gets this: